How we help

We are involved in a number of projects aimed to create access to education, creating the right environment for learning, and encouraging community involvement.

Support and educate

Child sponsorship is one of the main ways we support children. Sponsoring a child allows poor and vulnerable children to attend school and live in a safe and positive environment. It gives them a means to take charge of their life and improve their living conditions and that of their family.

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School infrastructure and community development programmes

At Choice Through Education we have helped invest in developing a number of primary schools to improve the education and living conditions of poor children, this includes building projects to ensure the children have classrooms, access to water and teachers have somewhere to sleep.

In parallel to this we have developed projects to encourage further community involvement. This includes the CTE Masai Mara Women’s Empowerment Centre. This has been formed to give local women hope, independence, an income and dignity. The women that we will be helping are typically one of many wives, uneducated, (culturally men do not value the education of women), pregnant at a young age or escaping an abusive or controlling environment.



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