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Education is an opportunity not every child has, many children dream of being able to go to school one day. Child sponsorship is one of the main ways we support children at Choice Through Education. Sponsoring a child allows poor and vulnerable children to attend school and live in a safe and positive environment.

With your help a child can take charge of their life and improve their living conditions and that of their family. For less than £300 a year we can rescue a child, provide their school uniform and put them into one of the boarding schools that we support. This not only means that they will get a good education to give them a choice other than a life of poverty, but they will have somewhere safe to live and will be fed properly. Your support will change a child's life for the better.

If you choose to support a child, you will always be the only sponsor of your child, and all of your sponsorship support will go directly benefit them. You can write to your child and you will receive letters and photos from them. CTE will also update you on their progress at school.

What your money is used for and how
sponsorship works 

- Case studies of sponsored children

- Case studies from sponsor

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